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Friends clean out

 I usually don't tend to be a person who takes this very seriously, but I am finding my friends list very crowded and full of things that I dont necessarily care about...so I am doing a purge of my friends here on LJ. People who feel like they are threatened by this can send me a message just asking to still be friends, but others, such as LJ family, people who I speak to personally, or people who I am a fan of, will be kept ^^ Other than that, you will be deleted. 

Have a nice day ~ 


 FA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAA, IT'S MY FAVOURITE NOT-REALLY-MY-UNNI UNNI'S BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(tomorrow)

I hope she will have a fantasmical party, which I think is today, according to my facebook stalking. And even if it didn't go well, then I hope she knows that if she were here it would have been the biggest bash evar. EVARRRRR. and us canadians will be partying it up in her name anyways.

so here it is, her gift, which I spent a good few hours on, but not in waste, because after all she has done, be it making me smile, or letting me have a good spazz about something my idol has done or really about anything I just need to get off my chest, she is always there willing to listen ^^ unless she gets kicked off the computer ffffff /rage I love you booboo♥ and p.s I totally do not know what your new LJ Username is so you just gunna have to tell me later >.>

dum dum dee dum dum dum DUMMMMMMMMMMMMM~~~Collapse )

Hangeng Fanart

click for larger image

I think I'm getting better at this. Especially if you compare it to my old pieces of shit drawings..

I have a love-hate thing with this picture, because I had his shirt all drawn out and gorgeous, but my computer decided to attack and CLOSE MY PROGRAM WITHOUT LETTING ME SAVE IT AND OTL. So I'm still side-eyeing said program when I think about finsihing it. So for now, this is the finished product, and maybe, MAYBE, if I decide to finish drawing it I'll post it if you guys give me good feedback, or should I keep it like this? :o YOU GUYS DECIDE~ :3

Comments are ♥

Donghae Elle Wallpaper

1200x980 - click to enlarge

Because he was just so damn gorgeous.

Yesung Wallpaper


 this picture made me fall in him all over again //headdesk


the second one is more HQ I guess...and huge...1080 by 820 to be exact oh lord


comments are ♥

I've also made a Firefox Persona of this, so if you're interested, follow the link ^^ 

Twitter Layout - Sungmin

So this is my first time doing a twitter layout and I know it may not fit for some people because of screen sizes, etc. (it is 1500x830 because that's what fits my Twitter page), so feel free to edit the size in any way if needed! ^^ Enjoy~ and thank you! ♥

click image for full size

/flails ♥♥♥♥♥

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Well, he loves me. Better than nothing.

You And Super Junior Mini Love Story
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Your BoyFrind Yesung
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Me and my mom

Mom: you know what could really pic me up right now?
Me: what...?
Mom: chocolate covered jujubes.
Me: let's go to bulk barn!!! (for those of you who don't know what it is, it's a store with lots of candy and random things in containers and you scoop it out and put it in to bags.) *grins*
mom: *stares*
me: *grins*
mom: you're such a bad influence * walks towards door to leave*
me: *laughs*

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